Investing in The Animal Farm for these five extremely bullish reasons in 2022.

bitcoin money decentralized 2007912 jpg
bitcoin money decentralized 2007912 jpg
Animal Farm, Drip,

Animal Farm

Two months ago, I first heard about DRIP, animal farm and since then, I’ve spent a lot of time learning about the project, its larger ecosystem, and the development team behind it.

I want to briefly summarize why I believe the farm is worthy of my investment after investing in DRIP, the DRIP Garden, and the Animal Farm presale. The animal farm has several working parts, some of which I shall discuss. I won’t go into great depth in this post, however,  This is a high-level explanation of my reasons for being optimistic about the project.

I want to start out by making it clear that this is not financial advice. Always do your own research and only put up money you can afford to lose.

5 simple justifications for my investment in Animal Farm

The Dev Team Since Forex Shark has established a reputation for developing sustainable projects, it is plainly evident that he is passionate about it. His prior initiatives also demonstrate this,  R34P, which is two years old, continued to set new “All Time Highs” last week. Drip reached a new ATH last week and has been around since April 2021. Despite a recent dip, it is still going higher and is presently trading almost 50 times above its start price while paying 1% every day.

No initiative that Forex has ever launched has achieved less than 50x. Some investors who started with DRIP at the beginning are up 3000x as a result of compounding and price growth.
Arriving early:

In many ventures, where major advances may be realized, getting in at the beginning is where I find the most excitement. I first believed I was coming late to the DRIP party, but after seeing my investment grow three times in less than two months, I’ve come to the realization that I am really still quite early. With some significant intentions for the next months (NFTs/Bet Fury Partnerships/Animal Farm Layers 3 and 4), the DRIP ecosystem is still in its early stages.

If you don’t get in on Day 1, don’t panic; this is a lengthy game. Forex anticipates long-term price appreciation and builds for long-term sustainability. I’m especially thrilled since this is the first time I’ve been involved from the start. Normally, I wait until a project is finished, but I decided to invest right now given Forex’s track record and what I know about Animal Farm’s mechanics.

The Details:

The Animal Farm is the first completely decentralized, deflationary ownership yield farm/lending technology, where players profit as network owners. It is the first yield farm to use what is known as the Dynamic Decentralized Supply Control Algorithm, and it not only has a creative and sustainable tax structure (DDSCA). The DDSCA will regulate emissions depending on the token’s price performance, in contrast to other farms (which continuously increase supply regardless of token price, i.e. when the price drops, supply continues to grow, creating further downward pressure on the price, which ultimately results in the farm burning out).

A predetermined rate of PEG emissions from the farm has been computed using case studies of thousands of other farms that are already in operation. The farm will initially pay up to PEG+25 %; but, if demand declines, this will be scaled down. In order to regulate supply and promote price appreciation, the algorithm will automatically lower emissions to PEG minus 25% if demand falls by 25%. This algorithm is the first of its type and doesn’t need any human assistance from the creators. In the end, it is what distinguishes this farm from all of its rivals and ensures its sustainability.

Obtain Ownership:

The governance tokens of the animal farm are called PIG tokens, and they eventually offer you a stake in the platform. Therefore, Forex has transferred ownership to the holders of PIG tokens, who will instead get the revenues from transaction fees and taxes. The holders stand to gain from price growth in addition to revenue generation.

The System of Rewards

bitcoin, money, decentralized-2007912.jpg

I’ll try to keep things as simple as I can. Pigs and dogs are the two tokens available. Earn BUSD by spiking PIGS. To produce additional PIGS, DOGS may be added to a pool with just one other asset, or they can be combined with BUSD or BNB in an LP pool. You may also pool DRIP/BUSD to earn PIGS. The LP pool has a variety of additional LP coupling possibilities that may be utilized to produce DOGS. On the farm’s website below, you may see all of them.

The goal is to increase your PIGS and DOGS as much as you can to maintain a large stake. Your shareholding will eventually be reduced as the farm expands if you merely cash out prizes and don’t produce new PIGS, which will ultimately lower your rewards. They acquire and leverage their assets while living off the earnings, much like the really affluent who do not grow their fortune via the sale of assets. The animal farm’s objective is the same.

These are the main reasons I personally invested in the animal farm, as I said above. The following information is necessary if you’re also interested.

Where do I begin?

Visit the link to the animal farm below.

When the farm launches, the easiest solution is to just buy DOGS or PIGS tokens straight away. Through Pancake Swap, they will be for sale. On the webpage mentioned above, you may get the contract address for the tokens. View Pools, then choose “Details” and “Get Dogs” or “View contract” under “DOGS.”

Choose the PIGPEN, then click “Details” and either “Get PIGS” or “View Contract” to get PIGS.

As an alternative, you may pair DRIP/BUSD or WBNB/BUSD with the farms, among many other alternatives (see the farms tab on the above link for all possible pairing options). Depending on whatever coupling option you choose, this will result in PIGS or DOGS.

Since there is relatively little liquidity at launch, the price of PIGS and DOGS are anticipated to rise dramatically. When buying at launch, use caution since there will be a lot of volatility.


On February 3, 2022, at 11:00 EST, the farm will become online.


Farmers will use a wide range of tactics. What follows is my own strategy. Once again, this is just my personal approach; it is not financial advice.

For the animal farm, I’ve been fortunate enough to buy presale tokens (PL2) that will be turned into PIGS and DOGS before the launch. My dogs will initially be staked in the single asset staking pool whereas my pigs will first be staked in the PIG PEN. I’ll utilize this BUSD to pair with my DOGS once the farm is up and earning BUSD so that I can quickly earn additional PIGS. Over time, I want to increase my numbers of PIGS and DOGS while also taking a mix of BUSD incentives as profits.

I really hope you found the preceding information interesting or helpful, and if you want any more advice, I will do everything in my power to assist. 

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