animal farm
animal farm

If you’re on the Animal Farm piggy bank Telegram channel, you’re probably witnessing some severe FUD. Investors are irate because they are unable to access their Animal Farm investments. They are unable to sell their PIGS, withdraw their DOGS, or withdraw any of their other stable-coin/ETH/BTC pairs. What is happening? I will address several concerns and explain why I am looking forward to the farm’s next phase rather than being concerned.

What’s the problem with animal farm piggy bank?

The animal farm Piggy Bank’s introduction is the root of the whole issue. Particularly, a few sniper bots perceived the opening of the Piggy Bank as an opportunity to make some fast cash at the cost of legitimate investors.

At first, the price of piglets in the animal farm Piggy Bank rose quickly. Extremely early purchasers were able to purchase Piglets for a small portion of what others were able to purchase, only minutes later.

Additionally, they were carried out by bots that did not time-lock and started selling as soon as they could, using massive Piglet hoards to produce lots of Truffles, which in turn produced a lot of PIGS-BUSD LP that was divided and sold on the market.

According to the developers, this is why PIGS prices plummeted after the farm’s opening.

Most developers, including some, would have done nothing. The returns for all the other human investors would have been ruined if they had allowed these machines to empty the animal farm Piggy Bank. “NO,” said Forex and his gang. Man, this violence will not be tolerated.

While they deliberated on a solution, they put the animal farm piggy bank in the freezer. Again, some developers and most developers would have been more concerned with short-term perception than with the platform’s long-term health. They said, “NO.” They have chosen to entirely relaunch the PIGS token only one month after the introduction of the Animal Farm.

Why launch the Animal farm Piggy bank again?

The bots might have continued their sell-bot and further down the price if they had not reopened the animal farm Piggy Bank. The PIGS token must be rendered useless in order to thoroughly devalue it. They stopped traded on Pancakeswap and are probably never going to be sold again. A new liquidity pool and new pairings with BNB and BUSD will be included in the launch of the PIGS V2 coin. They will open new farms for PIGS-earning couples and pools, as well as a new Pigpen. Although there is a ton of labor involved, there is risk involved.

Currently, Animal Farm investors must submit their PIGS to the Pigscredit section of the website, remove their PIGS from the Pigpen, and withdraw their rewards owed from the DOGS-BUSD, DOGS-BNB, and DRIP-BUSD pools.

This has some investors in a panic. They are being asked to deposit their tokens without any clear expectation of receiving their token value back and with no visible evidence of credit. They must have faith in the group and the procedure. Others are enraged. Some people are afraid, while others are ready to immediately discard all of their tokens. It makes sense, yet it’s a blind move.

Trusting the developers was a significant theme in The Animal Farm. having faith in the developers to find possibilities where others haven’t. putting faith in the developers to forge alliances. Trusting the developers to produce tokens in a deflationary way when other farm incentives have been reduced to being worth just a few cents. And this trust can only be exercised so much, right? Gains of enormous sizes have often been seen by owners and users of Forex’s platforms.

Yes, there are price cycles, but that’s just cryptocurrency. The platforms that Forex has created are solid and based on community. I have faith in the locals. The developers have my faith. They’ll regain people’s faith. They’ll start promoting aggressively. They’ll blow up.

Let’s examine some of the main concerns raised by users.

Q: Do I need to remove my PIGS from farms that earn PIGS and the Pigpen?

A: On or before Tuesday, March 22. After doing so, you must submit them to the farm’s Pigs Credit area.

Q: Why?

A: Before releasing PIGS V2, the developers aim to remove every copy of PIGS from circulation. They want to make sure they have records of who is entitled PIGS V2 tokens and they want to clear up any misunderstanding over the two PIGS tokens.

Q: What about the single DOGS pool?

A: Despite being instructed to withdraw, we are unable to harvest the PIGS since the DOGS token is still frozen. This weekend, I anticipate learning more about it.

Q: The stakes in the piggy bank, what about them? Do I have to remove those?

A: To start, you are unable to remove your investment. Ever. That is the Piggy Bank’s main purpose. Numerous articles have been written on it. However, depending on the kind of stake you hold, you may or may not need to withdraw your REWARDS. They have agreed to handle the transfer on their end if you have TIMELOCKED stakes, so you cannot withdraw. You must collect your prizes and submit them if your stake is not TIMELOCKED.

Q: Does the Piggy Bank require me to continue compounding my rewards?

A: NO! They are planning to recreate the Piggy Bank, thus this is a waste of petrol money! Based on your purchase price and the date, the stakes will be rebuilt.

Q: When it is replicated, will I get the same number of piglets?

A: Based on the facts given, this is only a hunch. The piglets won’t be precisely the same, it is obvious that they will not be. According to what has been claimed, if you were one of the fortunate purchasers to enter RIGHT when it opened, you received Piglets at a terrific price. Most likely, you won’t receive as good of a deal. You could actually get MORE Piglets if you purchased after the first 5 to 20 minutes than you did initially.

Q: Why?

A fake beginning balance was established when the Piggy Bank was first introduced. This prevented a MASSIVE price rise from the first purchasers to the subsequent purchasers. The early sniper bots did, however, cause some noticeable price increases.

However, they’ll add EVEN MORE artificial initial balance when they rebuild it. This implies that the first “genuine” purchasers won’t get that first wave of cheap prices, but rather a price that is closer to the later buyers. There will undoubtedly be some people who are frustrated by this. However, if they did not get in really early, many will get a greater price than they did before.

Q: Why am I still unable to withdraw any DOGS-earning pairs?

A: The DOGS token has been entirely frozen and is not usable. These farms are locked because removing DOGS-earning couples would result in a harvest of DOGS rewards. Once the farm is operational, anticipate their activation.

Q: When will the farm be operational?

A: This week is when the farm is anticipated to resume operations. To be really honest however, I’d be surprised if it went online before March 28, 2022. In fact, I’m going to predict that it will happen on March 28, 2022. Tuesday releases are popular in forex.

Q: What will the relaunched DOGS and PIGS token prices be?

A: In all honesty, I predict a decline. It would be an excellent opportunity to purchase additional since, once the farm is operating normally once again, its worth will increase.

Q: The DRIP Garden is still operational, right?

A: Yes! Never did it cease. You may keep compounding your DRIP Garden plants the same way you always have!

Q: What comes next?

A: On Sunday, March 20, there will be an AMA during which further details could be revealed. The farm will thereafter reopen. They will then invest marketing funds in DRIP and Animal Farm. It’s going to be a wild journey, so be careful.

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animal farm piggy bank
animal farm piggy bank

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