The Animal Farm Piggy Bank: Important Information

animal farm piggy bank

The animal farm Piggy Bank: Important Information

With The Animal Farm, stake out the animal farm piggy bank. Observe the following to make sure you understand the mechanics.

1. Your principal is permanently locked. You cannot withdraw your initial investment.

2. Your bonus has a time lock. Prior to beginning the process of claiming or withdrawing your bonus, you must wait for the lock period to end.

3. For each stake, you can only time lock once. You cannot time lock again once your time lock on a single stake expires. On that basis, you may still compound or claim your truffles.

4. Because Forex is concerned that individuals would try to game the system, the emergency unstake has been eliminated. So be aware that your bonus cannot be unstaked any longer until the lock up time is up.

5. During the time lock period, locked bonuses may only be compounded; they cannot be withdrawn.

6. If you decide not to time lock, time lock benefits will not be awarded.

7. Your daily exponential time lock bonus is given to you so that you may compound it back into your principal. Over 75% of your time lock, you get 30% of your bonus. You get 75% of the remaining bonus instead of the last 25% of your time lock.

8. The maximum payment is 5 times the principle. You will reach your maximum payment more rapidly if you do not compound, promote other individuals, or make a deposit compared to when you do.

9. Do not claim more than you compound once the lock is complete. Claim five or six of the seven days and compound the remaining one or two. Almost same to DRIP Garden. Your primary will increase and not be depleted the more you compound.

10. Both deposits and withdrawals are subject to 5% fees. In order to prevent anyone from attempting to take advantage of the referral rewards system, you are charged 5% every time you deposit or withdraw money.

My animal farm Piggy bank Rewards Plan

The prizes I give out for the PiggyBank have changed. At the conclusion of the month of March, anybody who bets on the PiggyBank using my referral link will get 1 PIGS/BUSD LP staked for 1 month.

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