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My simple beginner’s tutorial will help you get the piggy bank for passive cryptocurrency revenue going. This one seems to be incredibly intriguing and is certainly my current favourite investment. piggybank crypto beginner guide

The newest game in Animal Farm, Piggy Bank, adds a time-lock bonus to your staking in addition to a 3 %daily ROI. Piggybank aspires to provide the first non-inflationary variable time-staking annuity by fusing the greatest aspects of Hex with comparable drip garden technologies. I’ll describe how it works and how to get started in this part.

What is a piggy bank?

To obtain piglets, you must deposit your PIGS/BUSD LP tokens. The DRIP Garden and this deposit are similar in that you do not receive your original investment back. These piglets may generate up to 3% of truffles per day. Similar to the DRIP Garden, you have the option of claiming those truffles or compounding them into more piglets, which generate even more truffles (you will be paid in Pig-BUSD LP tokens not truffles).

The Importance of Time Locking Bonus!

By choosing to lock your deposit with the Piggy Bank for a certain amount of time, you will also get a bonus percentage in addition to the standard 3%. If the time locking period is longer, the bonus will be higher. You can see from my example that if we lock our money for 40 weeks, we get a tremendous 1601% multiplication! I actually decided to go with this.

If you choose not to time-lock, you will still get up to a daily ROI of 3% on your original commitment. Time-locking is entirely optional.

Your deposit will be time-locked, which prevents you from claiming any benefits during this time. Keep in mind that your first deposit is nonrefundable. You may claim after the time-locking period has passed. You may only time-lock your original deposit once; to time-lock again, you must begin a new piggy bank deposit using the monies you have already claimed or additional funds.

This time-lock bonus is not added to the claimable profits at the conclusion of the stake, but rather to your staked principal (in truffles) at the beginning. The fact that you profit from this multiplier on day one makes the reward bonus much, much stronger as a result.

This benefit is distributed according to a curve, with 30% of the multiplier bonus going toward the first 75% of the stake’s length and the remaining amount going toward the last 25% of the lock-up.

various stakes with various time-locks in the Piggy-bank

If you’d like, you may manage numerous stakes in one wallet. This implies that you may invest various PIGS/BUSD LP quantities into various time locks. You may develop your own tactics because of this. Like I said above, I invested my full sum in a 40-week time lock for a 1600% multiplier, but others may want to divide your wealth, like in the following examples:

50% of capital for a 1-month time lock

20% invested into a 6-month time lock

20% invested in a 1-year time lock

$5 million inside a two-year time lock

5% of funds is invested in a 3-year time lock

Max Payout

piggybank crypto beginner guide

The maximum payment for the scheme is 5 times your initial investment but in truffles, It’s crucial to realize that this is the whole compounded amount, not 5x your original contribution. This maximum reward rises each time you compound, just like DRIP! If you can see from the sample above, my maximum payment so far is 205700860 truffles, but as I continue to compound, this amount will keep rising.

Purchase PIGS/BUSD LP Tokens

Fortunately, purchasing the LP and investing in the Piggy bank are both simple parts of the Animal Farm. To build the pig/busd LP, you will need pigs if you haven’t already purchased some. I have a more in-depth Medium piece on “The Animal Farm” accessible that guides you through this step-by-step. You can simply navigate the website.

Okay, assuming you now have some busd and pigs in your wallet, the next step is to make your Pig/busd LP.

If you’re interested in investing in the Piggy-Bank, it would be wonderful if you could use my referral link. It won’t cost you anything, but I’ll be paid in truffles at a rate of 5% of the tax. My affiliate link is shown below:

Go to the Buy /Add Liquidity option on the Animal Farm website and choose “Add Pigs LP” once you are on the Animal Farm page. You should include equal parts of PIGS and BUSD. You will get the PIGS/BUSD LP Tokens needed to fund the Piggy Bank as a result. As you can see from the example below, I’ve paired up 1.8 pigs with $507 BUSD.

Note: Since the switch to the new website, you will now be referred to pancakeswap to add the liquidity. Until the Farm is completely transferred to the new site, I think this is only a temporary situation. piggy bank crypto beginner guide

You may then pick the “Confirm Supply” option by choosing the “Enable Pigs” option, which will enable you to click the “Supply” button. You can see that I am being paid 29.822 pigs per dollar here: piggybank beginner guide

You may now stake your PIGS/BUSD LP into the Piggy Bank after obtaining it. In order to accomplish this, just choose the Piggy Bank page from the menu. You will then be shown a screen similar to the one below; in my example, I do not have any Pig LP balance, but you will see yours listed: piggybank gettng started guide

You must choose how much LP you want to stake using the input box, and don’t forget to choose your time-lock period. As you can see, I have chosen a 40-week time-lock with a 1600% multiplier.

Once you’ve unlocked the supply, the “Buy Piglets” button will become green, and you may use your LP to buy whatever many piglets you want.

Congratulations! Your initial contribution is now time-locked in the piggybank, where you may continue to compound every day until the time-lock expires. You may switch between compounding and claiming to earn your 3 %when your time-lock expires.


You may create new piglets from your compounded truffles every 24 hours. I had two more piglets ready after 24 hours, and they will now go in search of more truffles! You will notice that the “Feed Piglets” button becomes green when your stake is ready to compound as shown below: piggybank crypto beginner guide

Even though it is just day one, I am already pleased with my return in truffles. Personally, I believe that FX and crew have created yet another amazing passive income platform that is long-lasting here.

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An Outcome:

Send me a message on Telegram (@ anoble66) if you’d like to get in touch with me. I’ll be pleased to help you with anything if you join up using my buddy address or recommendation and need assistance. Just send me a message.

Please let me know if there is anything I can do to improve the sign-up experience in general or if there are any other Drip-related subjects you’d want me to address.

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