Best Beginner’s Guide to Animal Farm 2022

animal farm beginners guide 1
animal farm beginners guide 1

My simple beginner’s guide to getting started with the animal farm for long-term crypto passive income. (This page has been updated with the Piggy Bank Guide.)

What is the animal farm and how can I get started?

Simply said, the animal farm, which started on February 3rd, is a defi yield farm that enables users to stake multiple tokens in order to earn the farm’s native tokens of pigs and dogs via staking pools. In a word, you are getting compensated for supplying liquidity to the animal farm pools. This, in turn, will offer you a nice daily passive income.

Personally, I am on pace to make over $2,000 per month by betting my dogs and earning pigs. This is a great addition to the drip garden‘s monthly revenue of $15k! On March 3rd, the Piggy Bank debuted, offering up to 3% ROI every day as well as time-locking prizes. More information on how to get started with the Piggy Bank may be found lower down in my post.

Pigs and dogs have diverse functions in Animal Farm, which we shall discuss later. In addition to earning pigs and dogs via staking, these tokens will also be available for buy on pancakeswap.

Typically, DeFi platform developers make millions by generating money from each transaction charge. The software enables users to become owners of the farm and, you guessed it, receive fees from every transaction.

Tokens for Pigs vs. Dogs

Essentially, you’ll want to keep both pigs and dogs tokens, and here’s why. Pigs are the farm governance token, and they also enable the bearer to buy a part of the farm.

By holding pig tokens and staking them in the ‘pig pen,’ you will be compensated daily in BUSD from the Animal Farm BUSD Vault. The BUSD rewards are time-weighted and dynamic; 70% of all BUSD earned from both DOGS transactions and platform deposit fees are deposited into the BUSD vault, which then pays out 3% of its balance every day and is distributed by all pig stakers. Your payout will increase as the BUSD Vault expands in the following months.

The pig pen emissions are dynamic in nature, which means that the emission rate may grow or decrease based on the dynamic emissions we are now set at, which is currently ‘pegged’ — check further down where I detail this dynamic emissions control mechanism.

Dogs are the deflationary token that you may purchase or farm to earn pigs; every time a dog is sold, the transaction fees are paid to the BUSD vault through taxes. It is also possible to acquire Dogs by staking them in different pools or farms. Right now, I’m staking Cake/BUSD to gain Dogs, but do your own research to see which farm or pool pays the most APR.

Dynamic Decentralized Supply Control Algorithm (D.D.S.C.A.)

animal farm getting started guide

Animal Farm is the first farm to employ a Dynamic Decentralized Supply Control Algorithm (D.D.S.C.A.) to decide the farm’s emission rate for DOGS and PIGS token payouts. The D.D.S.C.A. is intended to manipulate the L2 incentive emission rate in order to alter the availability of DOGS and PIGS tokens.

Gluts in demand can be addressed by increasing farmer incentives, while ebbs in demand may be met by reducing supply by regulating L2 emissions.

As shown in the image above, we are presently set to “pegged.”

APR% for Animal Farm

The APR given on the farm’s page has now been updated; these values were previously incorrect. I am personally staking dogs in the categories dogs/busd and dogs/wbnb. Dogs/busd is now returning 695 % /365=1.9 % daily paid in pigs, whereas dogs/wbnb is returning 802.07 % /365=2.19 % daily.

How to Purchase Pigs and Dogs

If you did not get into Animal Farm on the first day (the presale), your only choice is to utilize pancakeswap to buy your pigs and dogs. I’m assuming you’re familiar with pancakeswap and how to link it to your meta mask or trustwallet. The token addresses shown below were obtained straight from the animal farm website; you can also check them via if desired.

Token address for dogs: 0xDBdC73B95cC0D5e7E99dC95523045Fc8d075Fb9e

0x9a3321E1aCD3B9F6debEE5e042dD2411A1742002 is the new AFP Pigsv2 token address.

Step 1: Navigate to and click the Exchange button.

On the swap page, choose the currency you want to trade for Pigs or Dogs; in my instance, I chose BNB. You must replace the default “Cake” token with the Pig or Dog token. Select this drop-down option and then enter either the dog or pig token address that I supplied you with before. In the following example, I’ve included the dogs token: –

animal farm beginner guide

Pancakeswap would then locate the token, thus in this case, I would choose “Dogs” as seen above. If you want to buy pigs, you may use the pig token address I mentioned above.

We’ll need to import this token next, so click the “import” button:- animal farm crypto guide

If you see the screen below, don’t be alarmed; this is common when adding a new token; just check the “I Understand” box and then click “Import.”

animal farm getting started

Step 2: Finally, we may buy our dog token. In the example below, I bought my dog token using BUSD, but you can use any currency you have on hand (If the purchase fails you may need to increase your slippage from the settings cog wheel)

animal farm crypto

So, you’ve hopefully got some dogs and pigs in your wallet – what now? Keep reading to find out.

Farm / Pools staking your pigs and dogs

To begin generating a passive income from the farm, you must stake your tokens. You may be acquainted with the DRIP Faucet or DRIP Garden, which are both parts of the drip ecosystem and a great method to make passive revenue. If you are unfamiliar with them, please see my getting started guidelines, which I will link to at the end of the essay.

The main difference between animal farm and drip faucet or the garden is that with animal farm, you may withdraw your tokens or investment at any time!

You must link your money to the animal farm.

Although it is entirely optional, I would appreciate it if you would use my referral link when staking on the farm. This will not cost you anything, but when you harvest, I will get a tiny number of dogs.

My referral link is as follows:

You’ll also want to click the “Connect Wallet” option on the upper right so you can stake it.

animal farm crypto quick start

In order to earn BUSD, my personal technique was to immediately stake my pigs into the pig pen. To accomplish this, go to the pig pen option on the menu; you will then see a screen similar to the one below: animal farm crypto beginner guide

You can see that in the pig enclosure in my example from above, I already have just over 3 pigs. Simply click the “+” button and choose “Max” on the next page to add your pigs. Your pigs will be in the pen and earning you BUSD as soon as you confirm in metamask! But let’s not stop here; instead, let’s speak about dogs.

The dog-related technique I personally use that seems to be the most successful is to invest in the farm and match my dogs with BUSD. As you can see here, I have stakes in both the dogs/wbnb and dogs/busd markets that are returning me pigs.

animal farm crypto yield farming

The Dogs/BUSD farm seems to be the most successful so far, as I am earning $50 in pigs per day from $1,574 in staked Dogs/BUSD, which is a very pleasant $1,500 monthly return! Another $20 per day, or another $600 per month, is coming in on top of the $600 I have in the dogs/wbnb pool. Due to the volatility of BNB, there is a little increase in risk associated with pets and vacation rentals. If you are unsure of what I am referring to, this article will help you understand. In short, it’s something to be aware of, but I personally don’t worry.

You must build a liquidity pair in order to be able to stake your dogs into either dog/busd or dog/wbnb. So let’s say you want to build a dog/busd liquidity pair and you already have some BUSD in your metamask wallet. (If you don’t, just use pancakeswap to swap as we did previously.) By choosing the “Liquidity” option from the menu, we can easily create the liquidity pair on the native dex for the animal farm: – drip crypto animal farm

Select the item from the menu that corresponds to creating some Dog LP in this example. animal crypto beginner

In the above screen we select however many dogs we wish to pair into the dog/busd LP remembering that they must be of equivalent value, so in the below example I going to pair 0.000029 of a dog and I will therefore need an equivalent amount of BUSD which is 0.032 (Obviously this is just an example as I had run out of dogs and BUSD LOL)

animal farm getting started guide

The next step is to confirm the metamask transactions by clicking the “Supply” button. You should now have your dogs/busd LP established. Let’s stake this into the farm for the dogs and cattle now to start earning our pigs!

Return to the Farms menu and look for the dogs/busd farm as seen below:

animal farm passive income

The quickest way is to simply choose “MAX” on the next page after selecting the “+” button to specify the amount of LP you desire to stake. Considering that this is just an example, I was unable to stake any more LP, but you should be able to choose the “confirm” option.

animal farm beginner guide

Getting your pigs harvested!

Once your dogs are staked on the farm of your choosing, you will gradually see that you are beginning to earn pigs. You will have the chance to harvest these pigs every 4 hours; simply click “Harvest,” and the pigs will be sent to your wallet:-

Animal farm beginner guide

It’s up to you what you do next: –

Option 1: To increase your pig staking, stake the harvested pigs back into the pig pen.

Option 2: Create Pig LP by combining the Pigs and BUSD, which we can then invest in the new high-yield “Piggy Bank” (see instructions below).

Option 3: Visit Pancakeswap, sell your pigs, and then purchase 50% dogs and 50% BUSD. Then, do as we did earlier by adding them to liquidity pairings and staking them into the Dog/BUSD pool, which will result in the growth of further pigs.

My own choice at the moment is to alternate between two techniques, therefore I am gradually increasing my position in both pigs and dogs while also staking Pig LP in the new Piggy Bank to make up to 3% daily.

Piggy Bank Beginner’s Guide: Daily ROI of up to 3%

animal farm piggy bank crypto guide

The newest game in Animal Farm, Piggy Bank, adds a time-lock bonus to your staking in addition to a 3 % daily ROI. Piggybank aspires to provide the first non-inflationary variable time-staking annuity by fusing the greatest aspects of Hex with comparable drip garden dynamics. I’ll describe how it works and how to get started in this part.

What is a pig in a blanket?

To obtain piglets, you must deposit your PIGS/BUSD LP tokens. The DRIP Garden and this deposit are similar in that you do not receive your original investment back. These piglets may generate up to 3% of truffles per day. Similar to the DRIP Garden, you have the option of claiming those truffles or compounding them into more piglets, which generate even more truffles (you will be paid in Pig-BUSD LP tokens not truffles). The Time Locking Multiplier is what? piggy bank animal farm beginner guide

By choosing to lock your deposit with the Piggy Bank for a certain amount of time, you will also get a bonus percentage in addition to the standard 3 %. If the time locking period is longer, the bonus will be higher. Although the precise time-locking bonus percentages have not yet been disclosed, we do know that it increases as you wager more.

If you choose not to time-lock, you will still get up to a daily ROI of 3% on your original commitment. Time-locking is entirely optional. Your deposit will be time-locked, which prevents you from claiming any benefits during this time. Keep in mind that your first deposit is nonrefundable. You may claim after the time-locking period has passed. You may only time-lock your original deposit once; to time-lock again, you must begin a new piggybank deposit using the monies you have already claimed or additional funds.

This time-lock bonus is not added to the claimable profits at the conclusion of the stake, but rather to your staked principal (in truffles) at the beginning. The award boost becomes much stronger as a result. Additionally, this benefit is distributed according to a curve, with 30% of the multiplier bonus going toward the first 75% of the stake’s length and the remaining 10% going toward the last 25% of the lock-up. animal farm crypto beginner guide

Different Staked Time-Locks

If you’d like, you may manage numerous stakes in one wallet. This implies that you may invest various PIGS/BUSD LP quantities into various time locks. Users are able to develop their own tactics as a result. I have personally locked in a 40-week time period for a 1600 % APR with my whole capital. Others, however, could want to divide their money across many time-locks; this is just an example and not necessarily my recommendation. –

50% of capital for a 1-month time lock

20% invested into a 6-month time lock

20% invested in a 1-year time lock

$5 million inside a two-year time lock

5% of the money is invested in a 3-year time lock

Max Payout

piggybank beginner guide

The maximum payment for the scheme is 5 times your initial investment but in truffles. It’s crucial to realize that this is the whole compounded amount, not 5x your original contribution. This maximum reward rises each time you compound, just like DRIP! If you can see from the sample above, my maximum payment so far is 205700860 truffles, but as I continue to compound, this amount will keep rising.

Where To Purchase PIGS/BUSD LP Tokens

Buying the LP and investing in the Piggybank is both straightforward to do thanks to the Animal Farm website.

If you’re interested in investing in Piggy Bank, it would be wonderful if you could use my referral link. It won’t cost you anything, but I’ll be paid in truffles at a rate of 5% of the tax. My affiliate link is shown below:

Go to the “Buy/Add Liquidity” tab on the menu once you are on the Animal Farm app page; this will lead you straight to the appropriate contract in Pancakeswap. You should include equal parts of PIGS and BUSD. You will get the PIGS/BUSD LP Tokens needed to fund the Piggy Bank. As you can see from the example below, I’ve paired up 1.8 pigs with $507 BUSD. Your snapshot may now seem somewhat different since, after the website‘s migration, you are sent to PancakeSwap to add the LP, but the steps are still the same:

animal farm piggy bank beginner guide

You may then pick the “Confirm Supply” option by choosing the “Enable Pigs” option, which will enable you to click the “Supply” button. You may see that I get 28 pigs for every dollar here:-

animal farm crypto beginner guide

You may now stake your PIGS/BUSD LP into the Piggy Bank once you have them. To do this, just choose the Piggy Bank page from the menu, and you will be shown a screen similar to the one below:

animal farm piggy bank beginner guide

My Pigs / BUSD LP balance of 28 is ready to time-lock for 12 weeks as you can see in the screen above. You have a range of 0 to 156 weeks to pick from for your time-lock!


You may create new piglets from your compounded truffles every 24 hours. I had two more piglets ready after 24 hours, and they will now go in search of more truffles! You will notice that the “Feed Piglets” button becomes green when your stake is ready to compound as shown below: animal farm piggybank beginner guide


You have read the whole of my manual. I hope that wasn’t too drawn out or monotonous. With this knowledge, you should be able to:

1. Stake your pigs in the pen to earn BUSD

2. To get additional pigs, stake your dogs’ busd LP onto the farms!

3. Put BUSD LP and Pigs in the piggy bank.

The animal farm offers many opportunities to generate passive revenue, and I have no doubt that it will be a tremendous success, much like drip faucets and drip gardens. This project is designed for long-term passive revenue & sustainability, much like all other forex shark initiatives.

If you haven’t already, I would strongly advise investing in the garden since it pays 3.33 % per day in plants and is crucial to the total animal farm income plan. For instance, you might utilize the income from your drip/busd LP to buy stock in an animal farm.

I also offer a beginner’s tutorial on the website if you decide against investing in the DRIP Faucet for a daily passive income of 1% guarantee.


Please let me know if there is anything I can do to improve this post or if there are any more Drip-related subjects you would want me to address.

I appreciate you reading this and I hope you found it useful.

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