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What the heck is the DRIP Garden? Show me the cash!

A component of the Animal Farm ecosystem is the Garden, a platform for daily passive income at a rate of 3%. A highly popular method to fast increase your DRIP/BUSD LP, the drip garden is proven to be quite rewarding for me. The Dev team is quite clear that this asset will remain long after Animal Farm launches and into the future. It will turn out that the Garden is a crucial component of the overall DRIP ecology. I’ll demonstrate how to access the animal farm without taking any risks at the conclusion of this post using the drip garden.

Important: After you purchase your plants, the initial deposit payment is locked and cannot be refunded. Instead, you get a daily income of 3% from DRIP/BUSD LP, and you may recover your investment via compounding and profit-harvesting.

Like everything else on the DRIP platform, the garden is fairly unique compared to other platforms and was created with sustainability in mind. This platform has a significant advantage over others in that the contract guarantees that the entrance barrier for new investors is always decreasing. In the past, miners would pay out initially, and then the returns would decrease until the contract was exhausted. You may see how the DRIP Garden differs by examining the graph below: – Drip garden beginner guide

The conventional miner is shown by the red line. The green line depicts the increasing advantages for fresh money entering the Drip Garden over time.

Staked plants in the Garden produce new’seed’ over time. Every day, each plant produces 86,400 seeds. You will see that you have enough seeds after producing 2,592,000 seeds to start 1 new plant! Therefore, when we plant or combine available seed, these plants are added to our plants on deposit, increasing the quantity of seed we are now producing. Your daily payout will increase as you quickly produce more and more plants over time.

Try to wait till you have a “full” quantity of plants accessible before you plant or compound. The Garden would only display 1 plant if you have 3,500,000 seeds available to plant as each plant needs 2,592,000 seeds to grow. You would forfeit the increased seed value that was applied to your second plant if you planted at this time. To make sure you don’t waste any seed, visit https://drip-scan.netlify.app/garden, which is a really useful website.

What does 3 % each day look like in a DRIP Garden?

Consider this as a very brief illustration of the impact 3 percent every day may have. If you made a $500 investment in the Garden today, you would get 17 DRIP/BUSD LP. You would acquire around 45 plants with that LP; plants are now quite affordable, making this a fantastic opportunity to buy.

You would have around 110 plants, valued at $1100 at the present pricing, after compounding (or “planting”) everyday, which would also be giving you a daily passive income by growing seeds, in 30 days. So, in essence, your money has more than quadrupled in only 30 days! You now have 643 plants, which are eye-wateringly expensive at $6430 at today’s prices, after only 90 days.

Compounding more than you take in is the secret to a successful garden since it allows you to stay ahead of any decline in plant prices.

I began my own investment at the beginning of December with less than $500 worth of plants. I have plants worth $11,000 today (Feb. 23), and my drip garden is earning me $380 per day! In 30 days, if DRIP/BUSD LP stays where it is, I will be making $750 every day in LP.

To experiment with yourself, a decent daily compounding calculator may be found at:

The Garden’s Step 1 Beginner’s Guide

DRIP/BUSD Liquidy Pair is used to acquire the DRIP garden plants. Don’t worry, the “DRIP Liberation Contract” makes this procedure painless. You may utilize this native DEX to convert BUSD, BNB, CAKE, and other tokens into LP, which you can then use to purchase plants, as seen in the example below.

You can access the DRIP garden and the drip liberation page through my referral link, which will take you directly to animal.farm. If you decide to invest, I would be extremely grateful if you would use my referral link. It won’t cost you anything, but I will receive a small amount of plants in exchange:-https://animalfarm.app/garden/0xF344bf4707fEA79a4F4760C8024B4a40332A4162 drip garden crypto

You may then convert your native token from BUSD, BNB, or another currency into the DRIP LP pairing that you will then use to buy your plants after connecting your wallet (if you do not see the metamask popup asking for confirmation, reload the page and it will connect): DRIP Garden Beginner Guide

Select the token you want to use for the LP pair; in my case, I picked BNB. animal farm drip garden guide

After that, when you click the “Supply” button, the following information will appear: drip garden getting started

The “Confirm Supply” button should be chosen. By doing this, the DRIP/BUSD LP token will be enabled, and Cake LP should appear in your wallet. You will be given the opportunity to add the “Cake LP” token contract to meta-mask when prompted to do so.

You are now prepared to enter the Garden and purchase plants once you have this Cake LP (DRIP BUSD LP).

Step 2: Purchase your plants through the Garden

Navigate to the “Drip Garden” on the menu. Before making any plant purchases, you must choose the “enable drip busd” option. You may now buy your plants!

If you choose the “MAX” option in the input box where you may enter the number of plants you want to buy, it will display the maximum number of plants you can buy for your DRIP/BUSD LP. Select the “Buy Plants” button when you’re ready. It might take up to 60 seconds before it displays the plants that are for sale. Congratulations! It’s now possible for you to cultivate plants while earning 3% a day.

DRIP Garden Guide

After you’ve paid for your plants, a yellow timer will appear to show you how long it will be before you can either harvest your plants or compound your seeds into new plants. In my case, I already have five plants that are ready to be planted or harvested (keep in mind that planting is compounding, while harvesting is taking profit):- drip garden getting started

Referring to the first example, if you have 643 plants after 90 days of compounding, it works out to around 20 new plants daily or $180 per day. Not bad for a $450 initial investment! The quicker you can produce seed to create new plants, the more plants you have!

What does “Fertilizers Bonus” for Gardens mean?

I’m happy you asked; it’s a good question. In essence, time plus balance equals total. The sum is divided by 100 to get the interest rate. It’s thus not exactly 3 percent every day to begin with, but the more time you invest and compound, the bigger the time multiplier you’ll receive—about.01 percent or more per day, depending on whether you harvest or not. Early adopters will benefit from this and have the chance to earn more than 3 percent in the long run. On the other hand, if you were to sell your seed every day as opposed to compounding, both your returns and your multiplier would decrease.

The Drip Garden strongly recommends building on your daily seed earnings by growing additional plants, which produces more seed. Getting as many plants as you can can let you earn some very excellent daily passive revenue over time, according to the game theory. I aim to plant every day until I have roughly 1000 plants; at that point, I can withdraw my original investment and the rest is simply pure daily profit.

You may find an extremely lovely and practical app for maintaining your DRIP Garden at:

Landscape – DRIP

The app will inform you of the time to plant your next batch of seeds, the number of plants that are available for planting, and other information without the need to link your wallet. Luke Charts, who created this, deserves credit.

Farm Profit Strategy for Animals

Harvesting your plants and putting that DRIP BUSD LP into the Animal Farm DRIP/BUSD staking farm is another passive revenue method you now have due to your drip garden. This will result in the growth of pigs at the present APR of 157.99 percent. The native symbols of the farms are pigs and dogs. drip garden beginner guide

Once the pigs are grown, you can also put them in the pig pen to earn BUSD. With this BUSD, you can buy additional plants by combining it with DRIP via the drip liberation website (or you can simply keep the earnings, of course!) drip garden help

You may also invest the BUSD you received from the pig pen in the BUSD single staking pool in order to earn dogs at the current APR of 352 percent. Dogs are one of the deflationary native agricultural tokens, as I already said. drip garden crypto how to

You might combine your dogs with BUSD after you start farming dogs to earn even more pigs! drip garden beginner guide

There are so many ways to make money from this farm! The garden will play a significant part in this ecosystem, therefore my recommendation is to invest now while plants are still at a wonderful price. With the money you make from these investments, you may then enter the animal farm risk-free.

Please join the Animal Farm using my referral link if you can. It won’t cost you anything, but depending on how much you spend, I could be paid in plants or dogs.

Here is a simple, step-by-step beginner’s tutorial to the animal farm as well:

I appreciate your time and hope you found this beneficial. You may be interested in checking out my other beginner-friendly tutorials, which include the following:

Please think about joining my team by using my buddy ID if you are registering for a DRIP squad. I provide my whole staff with assistance so that we may all succeed:


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