How DRIP is Successful Despite being at the bottom of 2022

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You regret buying DRIP since you paid more than it is now trading for it. Do you even feel the FUD descending upon you? DRIP is a long-term play, even if you may be sick of hearing it. Your short-term losses, which you shouldn’t be worrying about anyhow, will be mitigated by the daily 1% compounding.


I’ll give you a real-world illustration. 3rd wallet I own.

On December 15th, 2021, I launched my third wallet with only 15 DRIP. When DRIP was $80 at that time. Yes, I did invest $1,027 to begin the third wallet. Since then, DRIP has reached all-time highs and is presently trading at around $33.90. I could choose to be upset about it and whine that my investment has lost money, but I’m going to choose to consider the big picture in this situation.

If I just compare my purchase price to the current price, I would conclude that my DRIP investment is underperforming, but is that truly the case?

103 days, or a little over 3 months, have passed since my original contribution as of March 27th, 2022, and I now have 33 tokens deposits totalling $1,121. The 1% daily compound interest has allowed me to increase my investment by $100 even though the price of the DRIP token has dropped by 58% since I bought it in December.

DRIP Price is $33.93 at the time of this photograph, taken on March 27, 22.

But see this. This wasn’t compounded or hydrated every day. Since I began in the middle of the month, I followed this same timetable. I chose to hydrate once a month until I reached 20 DRIP in total deposits, at which point I would hydrate once per week in order to start compounding 1 full DRIP as soon as possible (.20 * 7 = 1.4 DRIP).

Initial Deposit of 13.328 DRIP on 12/15

Hydrated 1.974 DRIP as of 12/31 (before tax). 15.228 total deposits

Hydrated 4.618 as of 01/30 (before tax). Deposits totalled 19.67

Start of Weekly Hydration:

Hydrated 1.349 as of 2/6 (before tax). Deposits totalled 20.968

February 13 — Hydrated 1.471 (before tax). Deposits in Total: 22.383

Hydrated 1.613 as of 2/20 (before tax). Deposits in total: 23.934

Hydrated 1.646 on February 27. (before tax). Deposits in total: 25.518

Hydrated 1.749 as of 3/06 (before tax). Total Deposits 27.200

Hydrated 1.904 as of 3/13/17 (before tax). 29.032 total deposits

Hydrated 2.036 as of 3/20 (before tax). 30.990 in total deposits

Hydrated 2.176 on March 27. (before tax). 33.083 total deposits

Fuel costs: I spent $9.20 at BNB for a total of 11 hydrations.

On August 1st, if I keep to this plan, I will reach 100 DRIP in total deposits. But when I reach 50 in total deposits, I’m definitely going to start being a little more aggressive with my hydrations and hydrate every three days.

This is a brief illustration of compound interest in action. I allowed the 1 % to compound every seven days after daily accumulation. I have avoided any losses that may have happened if a currency, token, or stock I bought lost 58% of its value from the time I bought it by allowing compound interest do its thing.

My DRIP amount jumped from 13 to 33 while the price decreased from $79 to $33. You can see how adding additional DRIP may compensate for value losses, even ones as severe as 58 %, as I have seen in this wallet. Too many individuals focus only on the token’s cost. This idea is unique because of daily compound interest. YOU INVEST IN DRIP FOR THIS REASON.

The purpose of this article is to present a practical illustration of how your daily investment of one %, compounded on the schedule of your choice, may safeguard your investment against price declines and put you in a strong position for price increases.

So don’t concentrate on the DRIP‘s cost. This is shown with my third wallet. Using the token price as my basis, I lost 58 %, yet my investment increased by $100. The reason why DRIP is a unique sort of investment is shown here.

A passage from Warren Buffett follows:

“I’ll explain how to become money to you. Shut the doors. When others are greedy, be afraid. When others are afraid, be greedy. You should get engaged right now, in my opinion! This is a wonderful moment to invest if you haven’t already. If you have previously invested, this is a fantastic opportunity to increase your funds and/or actively hydrate. I appreciate you reading this and your time. Please subscribe to my email updates and follow me on Medium if you like this post.

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How to Begin

1. Trade BNB for DRIP at (If you want assistance, kindly contact me or leave a comment and I will provide you with step-by-step instructions.)

2. Enter a Buddy address in the Referral area of the Faucet. Use this address as a suggestion: 0xF344bf4707fEA79a4F4760C8024B4a40332A4162

3. Put down a minimum of 1.12 DRIP. (Always keep 0.05–0.1 BNB on hand for transaction costs.) But I would advise beginning with the highest amount you are comfortable with.

That’s it; you are now generating daily passive income and moving toward financial independence.

Keep coming back and drink plenty of water!

You may find me here on Telegram if you want to get in touch with me directly:


You CAN’T withdraw your original money, please note. As an alternative, you will get 1% per day. Simply come back as frequently as your schedule allows to withdraw your DRIP tokens if you decide you do not like the project and want your money back.

In 100 days, you should be able to withdraw your whole investment (depending on the price of DRIP when you purchase vs sell). Even if you decide to quit, you should still come back whenever it’s convenient to collect your daily 1% until you’ve received your maximum payment, which is equivalent to 365% of your initial investment. Consequently, you will still get a 365 % return on your money even if you do NOTHING for a year.

Disclaimer: Nothing in this post should be interpreted as financial advice. Before investing, you should do your own research (DYOR) and only put up money you can afford to lose. Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is still in its infancy, thus before making an investment, you should educate yourself on the benefits and drawbacks of DeFi and become an early adopter.

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