A New Animal Farm Piggy Bank Hack to Earn 90% of your investment a Month with animal farm

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Animal Farm Piggy Bank

Here’s a chance with Animal Farm Piggy Bank to generate a substantial crypto passive income with little to no risk.

Forex Shark’s Piggy Bank Crypto farming has made it possible to increase yet another passive income stream that is simple to acquire. You have the chance to earn a monthly return on your investment of up to 90%+ with this cutting-edge business strategy. This is a great choice for investors searching for low to medium-risk passive income prospects as cryptocurrency values are under pressure as a result of general economic circumstances. Read our in-depth tutorial to find out how to get started with DRIP Piggy Bank right now!

Let’s learn a little bit about the Animal Farm Piggy Bank.

Animal Farm’s newest addition, DRIP Piggy Bank, is based on its native token PIGS LP pair, much like DRIP Garden, which was also introduced on the DRIP network, but the Piggy Bank offers a higher incentive due to its time lock features. Forex, the Piggy Bank’s creator, will launch it on March 3, 2022, at 11 a.m. EST in order to collect and provide PIGS/BUSD liquidity on Pancakeswap. You get 1% daily from the DRIP faucet using the original DRIP token. In the link below, you may learn more about DRIP faucet investments and how to make 1% each day.

We offer liquidity by depositing piglets (with PIGS/BUSD LP tokens) and raising your piglets in the DRIP Piggy Bank. To put it simply, piglets are descended from a PIGS/BUSD liquidity token (LP token), where you can earn an impressive 3% per day in the form of truffles (just like the plants in a DRIP Garden). If you time-lock your deposit and interest-earning, however, this will exponentially grow to a much higher percentage, and it is estimated that this can go up to 4% per day approximately.

In plain English, you may invest and earn 3%+ each day as PIGS/BUSD LP token, which can be exchanged for other currencies on Pancakeswap. Depending on the behaviour of your compound, the frequency of your withdrawals, and the whole DRIP community participating in Piggy Bank, the value of your piglet will increase or decrease.

Piggy Bank operates virtually identically to DRIP Garden’s time-weighted mechanism, which rewards latecomers and protects the contract value for both current and new participants, assuring the project’s survival.

Knowing the Time Lock benefits

The related interest returns range from 7 days to a maximum of 5 years, where we will get an extra bonus on our deposits, and we may choose to time lock our investments as a deposit (much as we do Fixed Deposits in regular banks to earn higher interest). Consequently, if we time-lock our deposits, we won’t be able to retrieve the interest we have accrued. 30% of the bonus is added in the first 75% of the time lock, with the remaining 25% of the bonus being given.

For instance, if we invest $1,000 without a time lock and daily compounding causes that amount to grow to $2400 within that same length of time, we may anticipate everyday compounding to cause that amount to grow to over $3000. The incentives are determined by the depositor’s dynamic calculation and the general community behaviour.

What fantastic results, don’t you think?

Recognizing the dangers of animal farm Piggy Bank

As previously stated, the 3% daily payment rate and bonus awards rely on how well the community as a whole is doing. If the majority of investors are withdrawing their funds, the Animal Farms Piggy Bank will change its payout rate to safeguard the Liquidity Pool. Therefore, it is not a good idea to invest all of our money in Piggy Bank alone. Instead, we should divide it between DRIP Faucet, which pays a set 1% daily, and DRIP Garden, according to our risk tolerance.

(In my own opinion; NFA) I have high hopes for Piggy Bank.

After participating in many cryptocurrency mining operations and DeFi staking, my experience with forex shark’s ventures, the Animal Farm and DRIP has been fantastic. Even with the plant value (DRIP/BUSD LP value) declining, the DRIP Garden is still giving respectable returns of close to 2%.

Therefore, I anticipate Piggy Bank will function better and last longer for the following reasons:

1. The PIGS token’s burn mechanism was implemented

2. PIGS is the primary ownership token for Animal Farm, which, even a month after the farm’s inception, is still producing fantastic profits thanks to its internal dynamic emission logic and $300 million plus in locked liquidity.

3. Constructed a lottery utility for the Pigs token that will soon be available for DRIP and

The 3% returns are dependent on, among other things: 1. Overall contract performance

2. The increase or decrease in the value of PIGS tokens

3. The amount of time you are prepared to wait before you may withdraw your returns.

Important Information as of March 13, 2022: Because of one botter who exploited the contract and drained it, the developer has chosen to transition to a new version V2, which is shortly anticipated to debut, although all the Piggy Bank mechanisms will stay the same.

My Approach to the Piggy Bank

1. Without a time lock, I’ll deposit around 40% of my money.

2. I will place a modest part of my assets with a time lock in 3 separate time frames—short, medium, and long terms—each being around 20%. My longest duration is a maximum of one year.

Ready to make a DRIP Piggy Bank investment? If you do, I’ll pay you 2% of your investment as a BNB or DRIP airdrop if you use my referral link.

Here are the actions:

1. Click the link I’ve provided for Animal Farm: Piggy Bank (https://animalfarm.app/piggy-bank/0x644c3F88f2d32842f60C4CC3247116AAbF959514).

2. Select Add Pigs LP under the Liquidity tab on the animal farm. To create the Pigs LP, you will need to purchase Pigs token from Pancake Swap and have the equal amount of BUSD in your wallet.

3. After creating the LP tokens, enter the total amount of LP you want to deposit in the Piggy Bank input page as indicated in the image.

4. Next, choose time lock if you want to get an extra bonus or leave it alone.


5. To begin earning interest, click the Buy Piglets button and then add your LP tokens. To significantly improve your returns, return daily and compound your truffles.


Join our community gateway Telegram at https://t.me/sanelcrypto to connect with like-minded individuals and explore DRIP techniques.

If you’re interested in investing in DRIP Faucet, which is the foundation of the DRIP network and pays a steady rate of 1% dependent on your deposit, you may read my post below for more information.

Nothing in this piece of writing should be interpreted as investment advice. No responsibility or accountability is accepted by the author or the magazine for any investments, gains, or losses you may make using this material.

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