is drip garden legit?, Best in 2022!!!

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is drip garden legit?

A Report on DRIP Developments and My Launch Preparations

is drip garden legit

is drip garden legit? – As a result of this question, I don’t think of myself as a DRIP whale as I’ve seen others with more than 2 million plants in their DRIP Gardens and more than 10,000 DRIP in their faucets. I guess you could call me a DRIP porpoise or something.

Actually, this Reddit post that I stumbled found made me remember how delighted I was to get my first follower. LOL:



I had already grown a million plants in my DRIP Garden when I wrote my last piece. Since then, as I continue to compound and contribute where I can, I have been accumulating some really fascinating metrics in my DRIP Overwatch. I thus thought it would be amusing to share it with others, whether as a goal or just because it is interesting to see.

Therefore, I will discuss the following in this article: • Some sporadic DRIP developments • Why I Funded DRIP Garden Instead of DRIP Faucet • My DRIP Overwatch Stats

A Further Exploration of My Plans for All These Plants

Disclaimer from the Author: This is not business or financial advice. This material, which expresses the author’s OPINION, is being provided for amusement purposes only. All forms of trading and investment, whether in stocks, real estate, or cryptocurrencies, have a risk of loss, which may sometimes exceed 100%. Never trade or invest money you can’t afford to lose.

Do your own research, please. Any mention of an investment’s past or projected performance is not intended to be, and should not be taken as, a recommendation or a promise of any particular result or profit.

DRIP Developments



The Chief Marketing Officer of DRIP must undoubtedly arrange his or her affairs. high-end social media influencers are needed. What their marketing comprises is unknown to me. It seems that they will promote via participating in AMAs with these influential social media users. Then, I believe I read somewhere that they may run social media advertisements.

Aside from the DRIP community, I’d like to think that they are also considering influencers from other DeFi platforms, gambling, crypto casinos, NFT platforms, metaverse platforms, and DEXs. Hey, I’m curious as to if they’ll ever return to using Lootverse as a plan to sell Scratchy, host NFT auctions, offer rare equipment for Dogs of Fortune, etc. Many investors still ask whether is drip garden legit or not

They sort of drifted away from that topic. Additionally, it would be amazing if they managed to get Scratchy on a controlled exchange like Binance.

Reels and Tik Tok are the hottest video apps right now. Be cautious with it since TikTok has unfortunately forbidden cryptocurrency marketing. If it looks like you are advertising crypto, you can receive a violation notice. However, as far as I’m aware, Facebook and Instagram Reels do not currently have these types of limitations.

Fiat On/Off Ramp


Telegram chat.

According to Forex Shark, there may soon be an option to purchase DRIP using a credit or debit card using Moonpay. This may also imply that selling crypto assets directly to a bank account is possible rather than first transferring them via a centralized program. Particularly for those who are unfamiliar with moving cryptocurrency from one wallet to another, it greatly simplifies access to DRIP and local assets.

Some of the physicians at work, with whom I’ve attempted to discuss my experience with cryptocurrency, have also expressed a dislike for “too many stages.” They said that when they bought and sold huge market cap cryptos, they lost money. I’m sorry, guys.

Here, I make $450 per day from my faucet and $290 per day from my garden. I’ll discuss a compound/claiming approach that could be effective with this pace of plant production later on in this essay. However, none of my coworkers ever invested the time to learn how to use DRIP to generate life-altering income.

You lose if you sleep. Whoever hesitates You can notice that Forex states you may sell assets straight to a bank account in the Telegram conversation picture. I believe they just need to exercise caution with regard to the Tornado Cash AML crackdown. Anything that seems to be evading monitoring might be cause for concern. At the moment, serves as my on- and off-ramp.

So, in a sense, I have a “paper trail” of my cryptocurrency activities. I understand that doing this goes against the very tenet of decentralization, but regulation is inevitable, whether you like it or not. Do we want to be on the side of neutrality and compliance, or risk being on the side that might result in the banning of our wallets? – is drip garden legit?

Now, the section where he makes mention of the PayPal infrastructure and Superchats… I’m not really clear about what he was trying to say there. Please let me know in the comments if you know what he was referring to. I can only assume, although it is not proven, that it was a mechanism to tip or give to social media influencers via DRIP. The key, in my opinion, is that they want DRIP to be adopted widely and have use cases.

Similar to how DOGE and FLOKI are becoming forms of money that can be used to purchase items in the “real world,” If such a feat is accomplished, DRIP might aspire to be something similar to Bitcoin, allowing users to instantly purchase items without first having to sell their funds and move them to a bank account or a cryptocurrency debit card. Insanity, if DRIP ever reached that stage. 100% pure conjecture, people.




Speaking about conjecture, LOL Here, James DevStreak and Forex discuss ways to reduce sell pressure when DRIP Maxis begin to make gains. True DRIP Maxis, on the other hand, would be wiser to invest their gains in Animal Farm’s DRIP-BUSD LP Yield Farm in order to earn PIGS and eventually BUSD without having to sell their DRIP. Additionally, they may use part of that DRIP to open a new wallet and faucet for themselves.

However, I have to confess that when I initially read this, my immediate inclination was to check to see what my faucet may pay out at DRIP at $100. My daily 1% would be $4,832 PER DAY as I now have 4,832 DRIP.

Telegram – is drip garden legit

Do you recall reading this piece from Forex concerning the risk rating for Binance? Here’s where it originated, though:

First of all, had Forex not brought it up in the Telegram discussion, I would have never even heard about this. I’m not attempting to spread false information; it was Forex, not me. So apparently BNB Chain expanded its high-risk list by around 50 more sites. Yikes! DRIP appeared. I am thus quite happy that they discovered this and are attempting to lower the risk rating. Also, don’t take the description too seriously … It expresses the same sentiment for almost every cryptocurrency on the list. – is drip garden legit?

Additionally, when you choose “Other,” it displays other well-known names like Baked Beans, BNB Miner, etc. We should “convey the mechanics in a logical manner,” Forex continued. The DRIP whitepaper’s lack of information on Round Robin, locked staking, and maximum rewards bothered me a bit.

Fun, right? Wouldn’t this be the perfect opportunity to mention Elephant Money and have its fans attack me for it? Well, maybe not.

Why I Funded DRIP Garden Rather Than DRIP Faucet

Since I had some cash on hand, I reasoned, “Well, I have plenty enough to cover my expenses for the next few months, plus my affiliate marketing account has got a nice sum in there as backup. Let me try applying this money to DRIP or DRIP Garden and see what happens.

When I gave it some serious thought, I realized that buying DRIP-BUSD LP made more sense since it is so inexpensive AND the non-linear time and balance multipliers are now ramping up.

I reasoned that since the time and balance multipliers are now so high, I am receiving more value for my money compared to purchasing DRIP outright. The DRIP Garden sends out LP at a pace that is greater than the Faucet’s 1%, which is another thing. Therefore, I reasoned that because the Garden is producing DRIP LP at rates ranging from 1% to 3% every day, I could recover my monies in a few days, claim the new DRIP LP, and add THAT to my Faucet in its place.

My DRIP balance would have increased little if I had bought DRIP outright instead of going the alternative route. So, I am weighing 1% vs 3%. I decided to buy the plants for my 3% Garden, and then create a compound/claim scheme around the number of plants I am accumulating. I will get into that in more detail later in this article.

Let’s finish this section with the rest of my DRIP Garden stats:

You can observe that by adding more money AND compounding 33,000 to 50,000 plants every day:

1.7 million plants, 1.5 seconds each plant, 57,430 plants daily, 27,4 LP day, and $292 daily.

I will achieve 2 million plants in 5 days without using any more funds, using just the time and balance multipliers at their current levels, and compounding every day.

A Further Exploration of My Plans for All These Plants

is drip garden legit? have a look below

I’m looking for a means to: • Maintain my DRIP Garden forever • Take part in Animal Farm to earn PIGS and BUSD Dividend • As soon as possible, increase my DRIP Faucet to Max Payout

I realized that making no claims was the only way to increase the payout on my faucet. I have suggested instances in earlier articles where you may alternate between claiming and compounding. Yes, it still remains a possibility. However, I do not currently need this cryptocurrency to support my everyday expenses. So I may as well add it to my DRIP Faucet by recycling it. The maximum payout per wallet is 100,000 DRIP, as I discussed in my earlier piece What 1 Million Plants in my DRIP Garden Means to Me.

The maximum payouts would be $10,000,000 if DRIP increases to $100 as DevStreak and Forex previously suggested. That is plenty to retire on, even if I had to pay the IRS roughly half of it.

What would YOU do with $5,000,000 if you knew it was YOURS to retain as after-tax money? Comment below and let me know.

What I would do is this:

1. Pay off my mortgage, which has the biggest monthly payment. Leave interest rates out of it. Your monthly budget would increase by thousands of dollars if you take away the biggest payment.

2. Reduce the total balance on all credit cards to less than 7% of the total. In case you didn’t know, paying down your bill to $0 every month is worse for your credit history than carrying an amount that is less than 7% of your available credit.

3. Make the maximum IRA, 529, and HSA contributions. It is accurate to say that once your income reaches a particular level, certain tax benefits are no longer available. For instance, due to my level of work income, I am not eligible to make pre-tax contributions to either an IRA or an HSA. These are nonetheless respectable, diverse investments.

4. Vacationing with my family. Kids who travel often develop into somewhat fewer brats. Something about seeing how others who are less fortunate can support themselves makes you realize how amazing our lives can be here if we only take the time to LEARN. People who are employed at Walmart and McDonald’s are those who lacked the knowledge on how or where to further their education.

I once went to the Philippines and spent two whole weeks in a home without running water. You were unable to drink the water, so you were sold a half-can of Coke in a zip-top bag with a straw by street sellers. They retained the can to recycle for a few pennies and saved the other half to sell to someone else. Some of those folks genuinely live their lives in such a manner!

5. OK, OK, splurge on a fancy vehicle, watch, or anything, LOL. I’m no longer into watches. My desire for a Patek Philippe was once strong, but I swiftly overcame it since… it is JUST A WATCH. But I’d like a great automobile. A Tesla, an Audi, or a Porsche, I suppose.

6. In order to build wealth that would last for generations and generate passive income, I would reinvest in DRIP and Animal Farm.

Hey folks, writing this essay was a ton of fun. A clever fusion of success, perseverance, and aspirations.

Please pay attention.

Regarding the next articles regarding Grape Finance’s Winepress and Part 6 of 7 of my Content Marketing Series for Cryptocurrency: Physical Products to “Spread The Word,” please click here:)

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Enter my wallet address 0x644c3F88f2d32842f60C4CC3247116AAbF959514 at

Interested in Joining My Own DRIP Team:

Would you want to register with a buddy that “knows” DRIP?

DRIP requires that you register under a “Buddy” in order to take part.

It displays the buddy deployer wallet address by default, which does not give out airdrops.

Alternatively, if you join via my link and add me as your buddy, I’ll give every fresh Layer 1 Direct Referrals a FREE “Welcome DRIP“:

You may access the Faucet page by clicking this link:

Click the CONNECT WALLET button in the upper right corner.

Next, go to “Get a Buddy” and input the following information:


You are now prepared to purchase DRIP since you joined my Team. Re-enter the MENU and choose the SWAP page. To deposit it into the DRIP passive income “Faucet,” you must have at least one complete DRIP left over after taxes. Purchase at least 1.15 DRIP with your BNB.

That, in my view, is cutting it very close. I advise my readers to get 2 DRIP. Additionally, save some BNB in your wallet for future transactions. Even 0.5 BNB is good since typical costs are less than $1, however, I advise keeping 1 BNB in your wallet at all times.

Need support? Any inquiry is welcome on my Discord server.

Thanks for reading!

Sanele @

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