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My experience thus far in the drip garden

Drip Garden

is drip garden sustainable crypto? – Starting with 7 plants, the voyage has taken six months, and as of the writing of this post, there are 7500 plants total. most weeks, compounding, and seldom collecting profits. I checked the results of my Drip Garden wallet on, and I saw that I had earned a 54% return on my investment. I am already producing 250 plants every day, and things are just getting better.

Over time, my Garden Wallet

I sometimes increase my plant investment, notably in February around the release of The Animal Farm. I decided to make a short film to demonstrate what it would be like to make a new $500 investment into the Drip Garden at this time after seeing that the contract balance was rising. essentially increasing the output of my plant. the following outcomes.

is drip garden sustainable crypto? – The Garden is my current investment.

I estimated that if I added an additional $500 to my drip garden, I would get an additional 11,000+ plants.

$500 was added to my garden for additional benefits.

It turns out that if I continued to claim 1 day per week and compound 6 days per week, my results would more than treble (nearly quadruple). Instead of merely $5,600, I would have approximately $14,000 in realized profits. You may find connections to the Drip Network and Animal Farm simulations here:

What do you think, then? Would you want to increase your passive income by giving your drip garden plants a boost?

Drip Garden –

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is drip garden sustainable crypto

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