The amazing Animal Farm Relaunch in 2022 is set.

animal farm 1
animal farm 1

In order to clarify the redesigned Animal Farm, Forex has really prepared a new whitepaper. He also promises us once again that the release of the material will occur quickly after the checks and audits.

Then what is in the animal farm whitepaper?

Animal farm Relaunch

Here is a concise summary of the animal farm rebirth:

1. Contracts for PIGS, PigPen, and Piggy Bank have been upgraded to work with PancakeSwap V2 Syrup pools, making them future-proof.

2. Rather than stating that it is more professional and beneficial for novice investors, the AF UI has undergone an overhaul to make it more informative, simpler to use, and tailored to promote compounding.

3. All three pools and farms in the animal farm —PIGS, PIGGY BANK, and PIGPEN—are being relaunched simultaneously; however, until DOGS has been improved, all other pools and farms will stay suspended (timetable TBA).

4. Current Piggy Bank stakeholders don’t need to do anything during the relaunch since all stakes will be reimbursed immediately. No credit will be given to the dishonest individuals who sniped the contract at launch; instead, the rest of us will get “significantly higher value” (see my comment below).

5. The crediting contract must be used by users who were in PigPen at the time of the pause, which is the majority of us. It’s difficult to choose between sending some or all of our PIGS to Piggy Bank with the addition of BUSD or recrediting all of our PIGS to the PigPen once again.

6. To encourage new stakes, each additional PIGS/BUSD contributed to Piggy Bank during the first 48 hours of the relaunch receives 20% extra Truffles for their money.

7. PIGS credited to the PigPen will start earning 3 %of the BUSD balance of the PigPen right now, reportedly worth “millions of dollars.”

8. PigPen will now also profit from the Piggy Bank’s deposit and withdrawal fees, which are said to be worth “millions of dollars” and will be earned as PIGS.

9. The animal farm PIGS V2 will be airdropped to the few users who missed the crediting window and have PIGS or PIGS LP sitting in their wallets; they may then select what to do with them as per Point 5 above. But unlike the rest of us, they will also be allowed to sell them if they so choose; this, however, is unlikely to have a significant impact on the price since it represents just 3% of the overall supply of PIGS.

10. The BUSD profits from fees and taxes will grow after the migration to the V2 Syrup Pool is complete. This will lessen the selling pressure on PIGS and DOGS by adding more “millions of cash” to the PigPen.

There you have it, the headlines. Let’s now examine some details.

Piggy Bank Upgrades and The One Issue

animal farm upgrades

1. Tiny stakes may add up. Small investors previously had to wait days or even weeks to get a whole Piglet, missing out on both compound advantages and the time-lock incentive. Now, everyone may participate in the profits starting on Day 1.

2. Referral bonuses in the animal farm are currently set at 2%. The referral incentive will be tied to your DOGS stake once the DOGS contract is relaunched, as shown below, giving you the opportunity to profit even if you don’t own any DOGS.

3. As mentioned above, there will be a 48-hour period after debut when new deposits will enjoy a 20% increase in purchasing power, giving you a fifth more piglet for your money.

4. All of the initial deposits will be recalculated with a “greater beginning seed (Truffles) value,” which should result in a more equitable distribution of Piglets than previously by deepening the liquidity pool and reducing the influence on prices.

5. One issue: In previous correspondences, Forex made the implication that the Piglets captured by the snipers would be distributed to the rest of us. Instead of using specific language, the whitepaper refers to “users gaining much greater value than in V1.” Is that equivalent to having more piglets? It is unclear.

The other features of Piggy Bank are unchanged.

PigPen Enhancements

1. The improved rehypothecation (see Point 10 above) will boost the revenues from the fees and taxes staked on PancakeSwap: more earning potential.

2. The Pig Pen vault will now hold all Piggy Bank withdrawal and deposit fees, offering even more opportunities for profit.

3. The vesting term is 50 days. Cashing out your principal in a single transaction will no longer be an option in animal farm PigPen V2. The maximum amount of money you may withdraw each day will be 2 %. As a result, it will take at least 50 days to eliminate your whole investment. This safeguards the contract and the price of PIGS from whale dumps.

The PigPen’s other characteristics are unchanged.

Upgrades to Farms and Pools

None up till now. All farms, single-stake pools, and the DOGS contract are still inactive. After the relaunch on Thursday, further details, as well as a schedule for DOGS crediting, will be made public.

DRIP Garden

Nothing new has been introduced except that the drip garden has been moved over to the animal farm interface.


The animal farm will see a parabolic move once all parts of the machine are running and also drip will benefit in a huge way once this happens.

Though the wait has been lengthy, it seems to have been worth it. Thankfully, it seems that certain mistakes have been avoided after the previous launches’ many bugs.

The new contracts have now been thoroughly described in a whitepaper, and thus far, all parties have been communicating more clearly and on schedule.

Piggy Bank tiny bags may compound and gain from the bonus algorithm, which is a significant victory and results in a much more equitable contract. And the additional cashflows feeding the PigPen vault should provide the kinds of profits we anticipated in January but never saw.

Concerning language around the redistributed Piglets is the only thing to be noted.

As a whole, Forex and the Team made wise decisions. Our expectation is high for Thursday. Not only for the potential to recover the “millions of dollars” that have been frozen since early March, but also to see the price of DRIP recover and the team’s other initiatives go forward in order to offer usefulness and stability to what is still one of the most promising networks in DeFi.

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